Wanna be friends?

What is a fanlisting?
To put it simply, it is an online collection of fans for a given subject. This is one for the characters of Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop from the television show Fringe.

Peter and Olivia have had a constantly-evolving relationship throughout the series. In the beginning, he was just a means to get to Walter Bishop and she was just a blackmailing pain in the ass. Their relaltionship soon turned to one of respect and budding friendship. Once it seemed that they would become something more, Olivia discovered that Peter was actually from a parallel universe and thus had to deal with the fallout from that little gem of knowledge. When Peter crosses over to his home universe, Olivia follows and confesses her love for him. When they are preparing to return to the other universe, Olivia is kidnapped and held hostage, replaced by the Olivia from the parallel universe. No one realizes what happened and Peter continues their relationship, but with Fauxlivia. When Olivia returns, she's hurt and upset by the fact that Peter didn't realize Fauxlivia wasn't her and thus ends the relationship. It doesn't hold forever and eventually, she makes the decision to try to work through the issues and they officially become a couple. Of course that is soon a moot point as Walter and Co. devise a way to "bridge" the two universes in an effort to combine forces and save both sides. This was apparently the entire reason Peter was saved all those years ago and blinks out of existence, the timeline rewriting itself and erasing everyone's memories of him. Despite blinking our of existence, traces of Peter still remain, resulting in Walter hearing him and seeing his image reflected in his television. He's convinced he's completely lost his mind, until Olivia tells him he's been having dreams of this mystery man. The two try to find Peter when he mysteriously reappears in the middle of Raiden Lake. Despite knowing all about the Fringe Division as well as Olivia and Walter, no one can remember him. After the Fauxlivia incident, Peter is convinced this is not his timeline and desperately wants to return to his own so he can be with Olivia. It isn't until he receives a visit from September that he realizes he is already in his own timeline and finally accepts Olivia, rekindling their relationship.

And since season five is still going, I'll avoid discussing it until it's over.